From 24 October 2014, I will give a weekend sports charity bet which will be e-mailed to all Club members on Friday evening/Saturday morning. My friend Bridie will decide on the charities each year.


The new charities is Bridie's choice are the Autistic Society, a mental health charity and a homeless charity and I will rotate the donations between the three, see the Wales Racing Club Facebook page for details of the donations made.


The amount raised from donations and Wales Racing Club/Classic Club charity bets for Bridie in 2019 was  £1,079,50 and in 2018 the amount raised was £626.36.


The amount to date in 2020 is £249.51.


The selection is sent exclusively to Club members by e-mail each weekend.


Money raised since the sports charity bet selections started on site on 24 October 2014 = £1,607.41 plus Giftaid.  This does not include the donations from Club members and friends.