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Starting from 1 August 2014, there will be a monthly competition for Club members only.


The November 2017 competition will run over three days, Tuesday 7th November to Thursday 9th November 2017 with two selections required from the meetings at Exeter on Tuesday, Chepstow on Wednesday and Ludlow on Thursday.


In the event of a tie a playoff will take place, two win selections will be needed from a selected  meeting  and if no winners the entrant with the best result on the day will win, see bottom of page.


Just e-mail me at walesracingclub@hotmail.com or text me on 0776 374 1735 or put on the Club's Facebook page.


You can go each way of you wish so each selection will be £10 WIN or £5 EACH WAY. If you do not state each way it will be treated as a win selection,


The entrant with the biggest profit after the 3 days will win


1. A mug of their choice from the Racing Post shop with the horse of their choice on it


Membership of the Wales Racing Club for two people for 2018


A Wales Racing Club mug and pen.


This is the tenth leg of the Order of Merit 2017.


October 2017 competition - Final standings -  Order of Merit points in brackets


+£60.00 Perrie   {25}

+£55.00 Keith Hillier  {20}

+£50.00 Dave Bates  {16}

+£46.25 Tia  {14}

+£17.50 Martyn Jenkins  {12}

+£5.00 Paul Halliwell  {10}

-£5.00 Carol Rudge  {8}

-£20.00 Crottly {6}

-£60.00 John Hayman {0.75}

-£60.00 Steve Greig {0.75}

-£60.00 Darren Hughes  {0.75}

-£60.00 Martyn Brown {0.75}

-£60.00 Ryan Weller  {0.75}

-£60.00 Michelle Weller  {0.75}

-£60.00 Pauline Lancaster  {0.75}

-£60.00 Elitecaf  {0.75}
















If the Nap does not run, the selection will be the favourite for that race and if joint favourites the one with the lowest racecard number will be the replacement selection.


If the meeting is abandoned, it is treated as no profit/no loss and your running total remains the same.


Selection must be for UK and Irish flat or jumps racing only, no arab or charity races.


In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker will take place on the 4th day with the ones with the best results on that day winning. If no winners the best result of the selections will be the winner, ie if no winners but someone gets a second they will win from the meeting selected as the tiebreaker meeting.

Monthly Competition