Each month, there is a month long weekend competition for Club members only in which they have to pick one horse in each selected race covered by ITV/ITV4 on Saturday.


Pick one horse in each of the selected ITV4 races, if it wins, you get 15pts, 2nd 6pts, 3rd 4pts 4th 2pts. If your selection is a non runner it will go onto the favourite and if there are joint favourites it will go onto the one with the lowest race card number. There will be a bonus 10pts if the selection wins at 10/1 or higher, 5pts if 2nd, 3pts if 3rd and 4th 2pts.


The races for the second week of the December competition on 8 December are the Sandown 1.50, 2.25, 3.00 and 3.35 races.


Just e-mail me at walesracingclub@hotmail.com or text me on 0776 374 1735 or put on the Club's Facebook page


The entrant with the most points after the 4 weekends will win


The prize for the December competition is a copy of the new George Baker book or a £15 bet.



December 2018 Competition  - Standings after 8 December 2018


66 Martyn Jenkins

59 Ian Hazell

58 Maurice Jones

55 Paul Halliwell    

51 Tia

50 Dave Brockley

50 Mark Francis

44 Steve Heath  

44 Michele Weller  

44 Martyn Brown

43 Gareth Pearce

42 Dante

42 Marlene Harris Jones

40 Ibrox

40 Sunny Donny    

40 Chippie

38 Ryan Weller

38 Steve Greig  

34 Perrie

34 J.R.  

31 Kiera

31 Crottly  

31 Keith Hillier

31 Carol Rudge

29 Elitecaf

27 John Hayman

25 Philip Sands    

25 Dave Bates

23 Rob Scarlett

23 Michael's Kings  

23 Darren Hughes

21 Sue Francis  

21 Brenda McKenize

19 Alun Dalwood

10 John Drury  

9 Pauline Lancaster  






































If a selection does not run, the selection will be the favourite for that race and if joint favourites the one with the lowest racecard number will be the replacement selection.



December ITV Competition 2018