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By Martin Nott, May 25 2020 02:52PM

The Super 6 league has re-started with selections needed for the German football in May.

There is a May monthly competition which covers 4 rounds ending on 30 May 2020.

By Martin Nott, May 25 2020 02:50PM

Any member who joins the Club for 2020 for £6 will also get membership for 2021.

As soon as racing re-commences, I will re-start the monthly competition and the ITV Competitions. Details will be on the site in due course and e-mailed to Club members.

By Martin Nott, Apr 10 2020 01:51PM

Membership for one person for 2020 has been reduced to £4 and any member joining for 2020 will also get membership for 2021.

By Martin Nott, Mar 21 2020 04:14PM

With no ITV racing on Saturday, the standings after Saturday 21 March are the final standings so congratulations to Keith who wins the competition.

The updated Order of Merit standings are on the site.

By Martin Nott, Mar 19 2020 10:04PM

There is a change of races for the third week of the ITV Competition which will now cover 5 races at Thurles from 1.40 to 3.40.

By Martin Nott, Mar 15 2020 10:06AM

The races for the third week of the ITV Competition on 21 March 2020 are on the site now and cover 3 races at Kelso and three at Newbury.

Please send the Kelso selections first and then the Newbiry selections.

By Martin Nott, Mar 7 2020 03:34PM

The standings in the March ITV Competition after the second week are on the site now.

A winning charity bet on Saturday as I switch to the horses as On The Slopes wins at Kempton. This brings the amount raised for Bridie's chosen charities up to £249.51.

By Martin Nott, Feb 29 2020 09:17AM

The result of the February ITV Competition is on the site now along with the updated standings in the Order of Merit.

By Martin Nott, Feb 24 2020 11:03AM

There is an additional race day in March which will take place at Bath on Monday 30 March 2020.

Like the race day at Taunton on 9 March, it's a free race day but you do have to order your badges in advance.

There are Super 6 league rounds this week on Tuesday and Saturday.