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By Martin Nott, Jan 4 2019 11:33PM

Membership is up to 70 with two new members from Bridgwater and members from Solihull, Cardiff and Treharris re-joining.

The standings in the January ITV Competition after the opening week are on the site now.

The results of the Wales Racing Club/Crottly Super 6 ties are below.

The four replays will takes place next week.

Winners in CAPITALS

Alun Dalwood 4 v 12 JOHN EDWARDS

Steve Greig 6 v 12 JONATHAN ANDREWS

Keith Hillier 7 v 8 PAUL HALLIWELL

Peter Dowdall 9 v 9 Sue Francis​

Ryan Weller 4 v 6 MARTIN NOTT

Don McKenize 6 v 6 John Drury​

Perrie Houghton 4 v 4 Richard Pierre Malcolm​

Nigel Barnes 6 v 7 STEVE DILLON

Martyn Brown 9 v 9 Christopher Nott​

D J Hughes 6 v 9 DAVE BATES

DARREN WATSON 7 v 4 Kieran Edwards

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