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Weekend update

By Martin Nott, Jan 12 2019 03:57PM

A winning WRC snippet as Top Notch wins at 6/4 at Kempton to ge the winners up and running in 2019.

The latest standings after week 2 of the January ITV competition are on the site now and it sees Michele retain her week 1 lead.

The results of the Super 6 Cup replays are below. A second replay is required for the Perrie Houghton v Richard Pierre Malcolm and Martyn Brown v Christopher Nott ties which will take place next weekend. The revised draw is below.

Peter Dowdall 17 v 4 Sue Francis

Martyn Brown 4 v 4 Christopher Nott

Don McKenize 7 v 2 John Drury

Pierre Houghton 4 v 4 Richard Pierre Malcolm

Revised draw

John Hayman v Martin Nott

Jonathan Andrews v John Edwards

Steve Dillon v Dave Bates

Peter Dowdall v Paul Halliwell

Karl Shaw v Martyn Brown/Christopher Nott

Don McKenize v Darren Watson

D.Hughes v Pierre Houghton/ Richard Pierre Malcolm

Andrew Haig v Ian Hazell