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Weekend update

By Martin Nott, Sep 15 2019 03:29PM

Three replays required in the Classic/Wales Racing Club Super 6 League Cup last 16 round which will take place Tuesday at 7.45 which sees the first of the midweek rounds.

You can do your selections for Tuesday's round now.

Pauline Lancaster 2 v 2 Karl Shaw

Alun Dalwood 2 v 2 Nigel Barnes

Andrew Haig 9 v 6 Phillip Russell

Paul Halliwell 6 v 7 Gareth Pearce

Ricky Morgan 11 v 4 Dave Bates

Anthony Roberts 11 v 8 Perrie Houghton

John Waddington 5 v 11 Gateth Davies

Steven Thomas 4 v 4 Steve Greig

Replays {Tuesday, if drawing at 90mins, the half time score will be the tiebreaker on Tuesday}

Pauline Lancaster v Karl Shaw

Alun Dalwood v Nigel Barnes

Steven Thomas v Steve Greig

In the race for the monthly prize, three tie at the top, John Edwards, John Moore and overall leader Ricky Morgan.